If you're not optimising your email marketing campaigns for mobile users and devices, you are losing out on a large segment of your market.

In 2015 alone 33% off all email opened was done on an iPhone.  With 65% of all emails being opened on mobile devices. This number will only continue to grow as people check their email multiple times throughout the day.

To get better open rates on mobile devices you need to ensure your email template is responsive in design.  Below is a list of "some" gotcha's and things to avoid when designing your email template

  • The email isn't responsive and therefore its too small to read on a mobile device
  • The landing page from a call-to-action takes you to a web page that likewise isn't optimised for mobile devices
  • Avoid large images if you want the email to load quickly on a mobile device

Top 10 Email Clients in 2015

Email ClientPercentage of emails opened
iPhone 30%
GMail 15%
iPad 14%
Google Android 13%
Apple Mail 8%
Outlook 6%
Yahoo! Mail 3%
Outlook.com 3%
Windows Live Mail 2%
Thunderbird 1%
Others 5%


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