MX Tools is a UK Internet Service Provider for SMTP Services and Email Solutions.

MX Out (MXO) in its simplest form is a transparent email gateway or SMTP Send Connector which can be used by you to send your emails.  MX Outbound (MXO) is also known as an email smtp mail relay or smtp email smarthost.

Say goodbye to all those “Relay Denied” and "SMTP 550" errors messages and get rid of the hassle of changing your email server settings every time you change location or switch networks. With MX Tools its setup once and can be used anywhere.

Our core business is SMTP and good message deliverability. Our infrastructure has been designed with performance, availability and reliability for email and SMTP services as the key focus. This means our services are significantly better than the generic SMTP services provided by most Internet Service Providers (ISP). Unlike most ISP’s our SMTP services are not restricted to just their own network. MX Tools offers a worldwide coverage with alternate SMTP ports in case the standard ports are filtered by your current provider.

For more information on our outgoing SMTP Services please see below: