Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Checker

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records are a type of DNS (Domain Name Service) record that identifies which email servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. The purpose of the SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages using forged email address from your domain.

If you would like to know more about SPF records then there is a useful knowledge base article here.

SPF Checker

Use the SPF Checker below to validate your SPF record for your domain. Simply enter your domain name and click “check SPF”


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No SPF Records

This is disappointing It doesn't look like you have an SPF record set.

Yay!! Your already using SPF records for MXO

We can see in your SPF record you already have an include for MX Outbound (MXO)

No MX Outbound (MXO) SPF records found

Are you using our MX Outbound (MXO) service?

If yes, then you really should consider including our SPF records to your existing SPF record. You need to add to you existing record

If no, then you can ignore this section, useless of course you would like to use MX Outbound (MXO) as your outgoing SMTP service

The number of allowed includes in SPF

According to RFC 4408, SPF records must limit the number of mechanisms and modifiers that do DNS Lookups to a maximum of 10 per SPF check.

Your SPF record required more than 10 DNS Lookups (In fact your SPF needs XX look ups) to be performed during the test.

The SPF mechanisms of: "include", "mx", "a", "ptr" and "exists" all count against the limit of 10 lookups.

However the "all, "ip4", and "ip6" mechanisms do not count against the limit since they do not require additional DNS Lookups.