If you are going to buy an address list from a third party company then always ask and ensure all recipients on that list have actually opted in to receive emails from third parties such as yourself. 

It is good practice to ask the company selling the list to you for a small subset of the list before purchasing so you can test it.

Is it allowed under UK Law

There is nothing in the legislation which expressly prohibits the purchasing of email lists. However, if you are thinking of using such a list, you should only purchase it from a reputable company and you should ask for a warranty that the list has been lawfully collected and may be used as intended.

Growing your list

It's important to maintain your existing list, but also grow your list with potential new prospecs.  One way to do this is to have a signup form on your website.  However remember you need to offer an insentive to sign up and you will also need to promote the sign up page.  Social media is a great way to promote pages like this.  Consider adding a link to signing up for your newsletter in your actual email signature.


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