Do you suffer from relaying denied messages when trying to send an email? 

Let me guess.  Everything was working fine in the office or at home, but as soon as you started roaming and/or popped into your favourite coffee shop it all stopped.

The answer is to use an authenticated SMTP mail service such outMail.  Also known as a smart host or SMTP relay.

Why does this happen?

Your normal SMTP server (outgoing mail server) does not work from wherever you are currently located. In fact to stop spammers nearly all ISP's email (SMTP) servers are designed to reject all attempts to send email by anyone who is not connected to the Internet through that particular ISP who runs that server.

Of course the fix would be to set up your PC, Laptop, and PDA to connect via SMTP from that ISP, but as you move from home to the office or a WiFi area you need to know each ISPs SMTP settings for every network. What a pain!!

The better solution is to use an outgoing SMTP server that works from anywhere and any network.  Try MXO (Mx Outbound from MXTools) its an authenicated SMTP email server that you setup once and send emails from any location, any network, and WiFi, etc.  Go on; give it a try

About MXTools.

MXTools is a UK SMTP/Email Service Provider.  We provide services such as an authenticated outgoing SMTP server which supports SMTP Clients (Including mobile devices) and Servers.  If you're looking for a transparent email gateway,  a SMTP Send Connector, a mail relay/server or an email smarthost then look no further and try MXTools.

With MXTools its setup once and use anywhere.