How do I setup outbound SMTP on Netscape Mail?
How to setup Netscape Mail to use MX Outbound as a SMTP Mail Server/Relay?


Follow the guide below to configure Netscape Mail to use MX Outbound as the outbound SMTP mail server.

This article already assumes your Netscape Mail application is already installed and configured, and you are changing your outbound email server to use MX Tools.

Launch Netscpae Mail. The icon looks like the one shown below.

netscape mail icon

Click on Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings...

netscape7 step1 

The Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings window will appear.  Select the option Outgoing Server (SMTP)

netscape7 mail account settings

Change the option Server Name to the server that you have been assigned to in your welcome email.

Check the Use name and password box, and then enter the username you were assigned and the click OK.

The first time you attempt to send an email you will be prompted for the password.  Enter the password you were assigned in your welcome email. You may enter it manually each time, or allow Netscape to “remember” or save the password. If you do not save the password, you will be prompted to enter your password each time you connect to the mail server.


Video Tutorial

Summary of server details

Outgoing server

As provided.
Please see your sign up email

Outgoing server protocol


Outgoing server port

25, 465, 587, 2525, 8025 or 10025

Authentication Type

Basic Authentication


As provided


As provided