How to setup a SmartHost in Exchange 2013?
How to setup a Internet Mail Relay in Exchange 2013?
How to setup Exchange 2013 to use MX Outbound as a Mail Relay?


Follow the guide below to configure Microsoft Exchange 2013 to use MX Tools as the SmartHost and Internet Mail Relay.

This article already assumes your exchange system is able to send emails externally and therefore a Send Connector has already been created and configured correctly.

  1. Open Exchange Admin Center
  2. Navigate to Mail Flow -> Send Connectors and select the send connector

    mail flow send connectors

  3. Choose the Route mail through smart hosts option from the delivery section
  4. Click Add+ in the Add smart host window

    send connector general

  5. Enter the server address you have been given in your welcome email.
  6. Select Basic Authentication and enter the username and password you were also provided. and click Save.

    send connector delivery

  7. Under Address Space from the scoping section, click Add+ in the Add Domain window.
    Select Type as SMTP
    Enter * in the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
    and Save.

    send connector scoping
  8. For the Source Server click Add+ in the Select a server window.
    Select a mailbox server that will be used to send email to the Internet via the Client Access server

The changes you've made will take effect straight away without you having to reboot the server or restart any services.


Video Tutorial


Video Tutorial - Using Powershell

Summary of server details

Outgoing server

As provided.
Please see your sign up email

Outgoing server protocol


Outgoing server port

25, 465, 587, 2525, 8025 or 10025

Authentication Type

Basic Authentication


As provided


As provided