What are the SMTP settings for Sky?
What are the outgoing SMTP server settings for Sky Broadband?


MXTools are often asked the outgoing SMTP settings for other ISP (Internet Service Providers). This article discusses the outbound email settings for Sky.

Service Provider Sky TV (UK)
Protocol SMTP
Port 465
Authentication Required Yes

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Some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) block you using their SMTP servers when you aren't connected to their network. MX Tools provides an outbound SMTP service that works from any network, any location called MX Outbound (MXO). MXO is an authenticated SMTP mail relay (SmartHost) service.

Some ISP's even block, filter or redirect standard SMTP (Port 25) traffic. So MX Tools provides alternative SMTP ports to use.

If you would like more information on MX Outbound (MXO) then click here.

  • Safe and Secure mail relay service
  • Authenticated SmartHost
  • Support for TLS/SSL
  • Alternative SMTP ports
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